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Americans Are Divided—It’s a Big Lie

Naturally, we all cherish our individual viewpoints, and it’s an essential part of our diverse and democratic society. But let’s be clear: there’s a stark contrast between healthy debates and the false, damaging narrative that paints Americans as hopelessly divided in every facet of our lives. Not only is this narrative harmful, but it is also not true.

We need to communicate, even when we disagree, and remember that we all share common ground when it comes to knowing the true evil lurking within our government.

The Myth of Divided America Debunked

Americans have been manipulated into thinking we are divided. The mainstream media plays a significant role in perpetuating this illusion, with politicians and celebrities not far behind.

This division is the product of a carefully orchestrated plan. Those we elected into power have betrayed the bedrock principles upon which our great nation was built. Let’s revisit the Declaration of Independence:

All people are created equal, whether European, Native American, or African American, and these people have fundamental rights, such as liberty, free speech, freedom of religion, due process of law, and freedom of assembly. America’s revolutionaries openly discussed these concepts. Many Americans agreed with them but some found that the ideology was far more acceptable in the abstract than in practice.

Driven by a greedy desire for status and power, our politicians have been meticulously implementing a strategy aimed at sowing division and gaining control over the minds of Americans. As age-old wisdom goes, power corrupts. It’s high time we awaken to this undeniable truth.

The Roots of the America Divided Myth

To understand why we feel so divided, we need to take a deeper look into our history. We must recognize the deliberate distortion that has taken place—an intentional effort to break our moral fabric and culture. The Act of 1871 stands as a critical point in our legal system, intensifying the erosion of our authentic understanding of freedom and unity.

The mainstream media and corrupt state officials have actively played a part in keeping us distracted by promoting divisive narratives. They have sown seeds of distrust and discontent, making it increasingly challenging for us to unite and engage as fellow Americans.

Most Recent Threats

In The Great Reset: Joe Biden and the Rise of Twenty-First-Century Fascism, Glenn Beck exposes a disturbing reality threatening the American way of life right now. It is a movement proposed by the world’s elite to “reset” the global economy. If given a green light, it would concentrate power in the hands of large corporations, international institutions, and government officials.

“The Great Reset” raises concerns about potential government overreach, loss of individual freedoms, and increased centralization of power. The changes proposed could lead to a more top-down government. This is a common characteristic of fascist regimes.

The Heavy Consequences of the America Divided Myth

The persistent myth of America being hopelessly divided has taken a toll on the quality of life for many. This divisive narrative has the following consequences:

       creates an atmosphere of distrust and animosity

       spills into our communities, workplaces, and even our homes

       erodes the sense of unity and shared purpose

Not only that, but our healthcare system is continuously failing us, and many citizens cannot afford such basic necessities as food and shelter.


Our Division Is an Illusion

The Statue of Liberty with an American flag in the background.

The recent political polarization has been tearing at the fabric of our Republic, making it very challenging to reach decisions and implement policies. Over the years, the collaboration between Democrats and Republicans has rapidly declined.

Yet, when it comes to us as citizens, we are not as polarized as we think we are. To achieve unity, we must first agree that our divisions are an illusion brought on by the mainstream media and fake news spouted by crooks. Let’s take a look at some irrefutable research that backs up this claim and instills hope:

The Influence of Social Media

The “availability heuristic” distorts our perception of reality, leading us to believe that we are hopelessly polarized, thanks to what we see and hear in the media. We have been manipulated into thinking that our differences are insurmountable. However, research on “false polarization” reveals that our actual positions and beliefs are not as distant as they seem.

In reality, Americans share many common values and concerns. There is a growing consensus on issues such as law and order, preserving traditional American values, and safeguarding individual freedoms. Our shared commitment to these fundamental principles has the potential to unite us in the face of the challenges we confront.

The Unity We Share

Contrary to what politicians and media pundits claim, Americans do not perceive themselves as hopelessly divided.

Across party lines, most Americans support measures promoting economic opportunity, security, and fairness. These measures encompass investments in the following:


       retraining programs

       affordable childcare

       incentives for businesses to keep jobs within the country

There is also a growing consensus on raising the minimum wage. HCG’s September findings revealed a rise in support to 72%, with Republicans increasingly on board, their support climbing from 48% to 62%.

Moving Toward a United America

Emphasizing areas of agreement not only paves the way for tackling challenging issues but also exposes authentic differences that must be addressed to achieve meaningful progress.

The stories of communities coming together during challenging times demonstrate our collective spirit. These heartwarming tales are not anomalies but reflect the true essence of our culture, one that is far removed from the divisive narratives we are constantly exposed to.

To combat polarization, we must focus on shared values and common dimensions of identity. We must resist feeding into the perception of polarization and instead promote narratives that highlight our unity, aspirations, and what we share as a nation.

We must communicate and remember that, as Americans, we are stronger together. It’s time to dispel the big lie of division and work toward a brighter, more united future.


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